‘The purpose of life’

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“Everyone seems to be searching for something to fill their life – I guess you’d call it ‘the purpose to life’. In my experiences I’ve seen people from many walks trying everything under the sun to satisfy inbuilt cravings for love and acceptance – From the wealthy and privileged to the popular kids at school and even homeless addicts at rock bottom – All who despite their efforts have not been left truly content.

I know I have found the contentment so many don’t know, yet search for: Someone that loves me not because of anything I can change. The love can never be won or earned. It was there: before I was born; in my mess of life; with human imperfections. The owner of this unconditional love pursues me despite the lengths I went to unknowingly run away from it. Experiencing this love now gives me a joy that succeeds any situation in life.

The love is from a relationship that I chose to have with God through Jesus. Although I grew up knowing all about God, there came a point when I decided that wasn’t enough and I wanted to know God personally. It’s the most life changing experience for me and so many others, from different lifestyles who I have seen transformed. I’ve come to conclude the purpose of life, and the only true satisfaction is to be in personal relationship with God.

It blows my mind that the God who made the universe wants to know me as a friend, wants me to talk to him and him to me! That relationship was a free gift to accept – I had nothing to lose and gained everything!”

  • Issy Cant, Second Year, Speech and Language Therapy


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