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“I have been to church for as long as I can remember, so it feels like I haven’t really had an obvious turning point in my Christian faith. I’ve been so fortunate to have been brought up in a loving Christian family (although by no means perfect!) – but things changed for me when I really began to know God and fully understand the Gospel – the Good News for the whole world.

At a Christian kids camp when I was about 12, we were told to write down a list of bad things we’ve done in our lives, however small – lying, gossiping, being lazy, being mean to our parents or siblings, arguing… We were then told to tear up our list and throw it into the fire. This is because all the things we’ve messed up in our lives don’t matter anymore –our sins have been forgiven! Instead of God punishing us and being angry, He sent his son Jesus down to earth, and put all the punishment on Him! All our punishment that we deserve was endured by Jesus on the cross when he died. But this was not the end, in 3 days he rose again and defeated death – and that, my friends, is the best news we can hear. Our sins are forgiven, they don’t matter anymore – all that matters is Jesus has taken our place, because God loves us so wonderfully and so infinitely. Since this realisation I have not stopped following Jesus and trusting Him as my Lord and Saviour.”

  • Philippa Strachan, Third Year, Biological Sciences

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