‘Supernatural Confidence’

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“During my school years you would never have classed me as a confident or secure person. I had a great group of friends, with whom I could be myself, but many people outside of this circle would refer to me as quiet and shy. I really struggled with this, and I spent many years praying to God, asking Him to gift me with confidence. I think I was expecting to wake up one day with a whole new confident personality, a bit like those film moments where you walk into a room of people with shocked faces because you’ve changed so much. This never happened, and I’m so grateful to God that it didn’t!

Over time I realised that I needed to change my attitude. I wanted confidence for my benefit, thinking that it would make me more likable, suggesting that I wasn’t secure or happy in how God had created me. Therefore, I decided to focus instead on my relationship with God, making sure that I was confident in my faith and who He wanted me to be. Through strengthening my relationship with God, I found a supernatural confidence through Him. Most of the time I still get nervous and anxious about things, but I now know that I can trust in the Lord, relying on His strength and not my own.

God has challenged me in many ways and I have achieved things that a few years ago would have been impossible. God gives us enough to handle, providing us with new challenges that will strengthen and shape us into the person He created us to be. Sometimes it is best to take the focus off the problem or worry, instead putting the focus on God – He is the maker of all things and through Him we can find peace and refuge.”

  • Becca Hopkins, Third Year, International Development

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