‘Split between two worlds’

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“I grew up split between two worlds. My parents divorced when I was very young, before I could remember them together. I grew up knowing each different side to the family. One side was the way of the world: materialism; self-interest; getting things through my own strength. The other was of God’s world: of humility; prayer; and faith in God’s provision. This battle between my worlds was very difficult, I was two people depending on which parent I was with. I found this increasingly difficult as I started secondary school. Everyone around me was materialistic and self-interested, their way of life seemed inviting.

Then I was made a leader of my Christian Union at 13. I had no idea what I was supposed to do, other than teach my fellow students about the Bible. I had to study the Bible and pray so that I could teach. I realised that the Bible was full of wisdom and that God was real. I started to live more and more for Him and that leaked slowly into my entire world.

Now, I have an identity in God, not built upon selfish ambition but a desire to serve God. I still struggle to read the Bible and pray regularly, but I know that God is there for me when I need Him, even when I don’t realise I need Him.

A true testament to this was the first week of University, away from security and comfort. That week I prayed so much and my faith was rewarded. God has provided me with a support network who focus on God, encourage me to continue praying, reading and studying God’s word. This is what has helped me to grow stronger in my faith, and in my relationship with God: Time, Effort and Faith.”

  • Steffen Gosling, First Year, Actuarial Science

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