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“Recently I watched a video of a three- year-old me with a toy guitar on my lap. I’m whacking it and “singing” along with my mum. As well as seeing the foretelling of my inevitable rock star career, I was struck by the words I was singing. It’s from the song: ‘If I Were a Butterfly’ (absolute tune).

“You gave me a heart and you gave me a smile.

You gave me Jesus and you made me your child.

And I just thank you Father for making me, me.”

I think that child-like lyric, sung by little me, encapsulates a lot of my story.

Deep down I guess I still sing that song now, or put it in my own words. And more and more I’m getting to grips with what it means! I thank God that He gave me a heart to know love and experience it through all my life. He gave me a smile in all the good things I’ve experienced over my life such as family, friends, and living in His stunning, diverse creation.

“You gave me Jesus and you made me your child.”

If there’s one thing I’ve longed for, it’s child-like innocence, that feeling of running around playing, laughing, cosying up with a loving parent and being totally and utterly contented. But innocence seems far off most of the time, not just when I look at the news or the geopolitics of south Asia, not just when I overhear people in the pub, but also when I look inside myself- lust, pride…they lurk down there, it seems I’m hardly a picture of innocence.

But you know who is a picture of innocence: Jesus! Not just the baby Jesus, meek and mild in the manger, but Jesus who died a cross, even though he’d done nothing wrong. He was totally innocent. In love Jesus took my shame and sin and died for it on the cross, and He shared with me his perfect innocence, and even his status as a child of God.

So I know God as my heavenly Father, and it’s as amazing as it sounds. He listens to me in prayer, guides and assures me in the Bible, supports me with His other children- the church. And He embraces me as His son with His everlasting love, even when I’m a mess.”

  • Robin Emmanuel, Second Year, International Relations and Modern History

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