‘God never left me, even when I thought I was totally alone’

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“I was baptised when I was 14 after an experience at a Christian event and for a while I was fine, but then things started to go downhill. I suffered with anxiety and felt sad and alone. I would have frequent arguments with my family and friends and I stopped going to church. After a couple of years my friend invited me to a Christian camp which brought me back to God. I once again committed to God and felt reborn in him. I felt at peace with my faith in God and life felt good.

Then during Sixth Form, I got into a relationship with a non-Christian. It was emotionally damaging and took me further from God. I recently ended it after two years after re-connecting with God and joining Christian Union. I asked God for help and guidance and he gave me the right words to say and the confidence to end it and move on. God never left me, even when I thought I was totally alone.

I felt that the poem called ‘Footprints in The Sand’ by Mary Stevenson really represented what I went through and how I now know that God won’t abandon me. Being around Christian friends has also really helped and I am much more confident in my faith now. Even though there are still ups and downs in my life and I know that it won’t be easy, God is always there to help me.”

  • Eleanor Smith, First Year, Natural Sciences

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