‘Why would God allow me to suffer?’

“One of the questions I get asked a lot by people who don’t know Jesus is ‘Why would an all powerful God allow suffering?’. This is often asked in reference to issues like natural disasters, global poverty, and general horrendous misfortune.

But what if this question is really about me? Why would God allow me to suffer if he loves me?

In my life, I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. I know I can count on the unconditional love of my family and friends. Not because of what I do (or have done), but because of who I am.

And yet, I suffer. Some days my mental health is not as coherent as it perhaps should be. The failing health of family members has shattered my brittle heart. Suffering came through my own actions too;  grappling with addiction. Smoking, and abuses of alcohol and drugs. The love of my family and friends never stopped me from suffering. But it made it a lot easier to cope with.

I know that God’s love for me came before any suffering I might encounter. It is a love that is boundless, and given in spite of my suffering.

I am comprehensively broken, but completely surrounded by the unfailing, irreversible love of God.”

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