‘Frustration with God’

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“I was raised as a Christian so I’ve always had an understanding of God in my life. I think as someone who was part of a Christian family I often took my faith for granted and my own personal views sometimes got lost within my family’s beliefs.

Towards the end of high school, I struggled with some big questions about my faith. As I wrestled with these, my frustration with God grew as I couldn’t seem to find easy or clear answers. My response was to eventually give up on communication with God. Although I would call myself a Christian, I didn’t actively engage with my faith.

During the summer before I started university, I was forced to confront my perspectives about God. I kept returning to the fact that, regardless of my questioning, I believed Jesus was real and died for me and rose again. It became clear that if I truly believed this, the consequences should be life changing. It would be stupid of me to not respond to God just because I didn’t have all of the answers.

This past year, I have seen God move more clearly in my life than ever before and I am constantly learning and growing in my faith. I don’t have all the answers, but God has met me where I am and he promises to walk with me on this journey.”

  • Katie Hardingham, Second Year, History


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