‘Discontent on the course I had come to uni expecting to love’

“After finishing my first year of university I was secretly feeling deeply discontent on the course I had come to uni expecting to love. But the thought of quitting terrified me, as I thought it would make me a disappointment and a failure. Shortly before returning for my second year God reassured me that I could never be a disappointment to Him. He gave me the confidence to admit to myself and to others how much I was struggling, and I finally decided to leave the course. I was unable to do it in my own strength but God reassured me completely that I wasn’t a failure, but in fact because He loves and cares for me He didn’t want me to continue on a course that made me unhappy. I realised by trying to please people with a university success story and trusting in the promise of a good job at the end, I had been putting my security in the wrong places. I could trust in God to be with me and provide for me, even when I had no back up plan.

A few weeks after leaving I decided to apply for a different degree, and I’m now in my second year and I absolutely love it. If God hadn’t given me the confidence to leave my original course, I could have ended up in a job that made me unhappy and I wouldn’t have found the course I am now passionate about. I am so grateful He gave me that freedom and reassurance, and amazed at how He used a time of fear and uncertainty to bring about good.”

  • Alison Dawson, Second Year, International Development

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