‘Anxiety took over’

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“I’ve believed God existed from when I was young, and my faith and understanding of God grew with age. With time I began searching for more than just believing and understanding God, I wanted to know God and so through praying and reading scripture I started to recognise God as my heavenly Father rather than something I would learn about in Sunday School. There have been times before university were I felt I had a strong relationship with God but there had never been a time in my life where I needed him as much as I did in the first two weeks of university. And God did not fail me, and he never has.

Before I arrived at university I didn’t think twice about going, but as soon as my parents drove away I found myself alone in my bedroom in halls, in a new country with no real experience of looking after myself and I was terrified. I had anxiety in the past but for the first two weeks of university it really took over, and I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to settle or stay.

This is when God really showed me he really cared. I met up with my old Christian mission leader who happened to live in Norwich and previously attended UEA herself. I believe having her in Norwich at this time was God’s plan, as she took me to church and helped me to settle in. Church was the first time in Norwich I felt a real sense of peace and belonging. After my first service in Norwich I felt more at ease and I knew God wanted me here.

Whenever the anxiety got the better of me throughout those two weeks, I would pray to God and every time I did, he gave me such relieving peace, and sense of hope, joy and purpose. I learnt to trust him and embrace my time at university and it has been the most rewarding thing both studying at UEA and trusting in God.

I know that it can be really hard to trust in God especially when anxiety can make you feel so overwhelmed and insecure about everything, but have patience, because when you ask God to reveal himself he will. My God provides for my needs and all it requires is faith.”

  • Zoe Carruthers, Second Year, International Development


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