What’s Next?

What is Story Norwich?

‘Learning to love a new place’

‘Purpose and identity’

‘Split between two worlds’

‘Childhood for me never really happened’

‘I already have acceptance from the only one I need’

‘No longer living in the fear and pain of the past’

‘Fighting a lost cause?’

‘Anxiety took over’

‘My experience of the Church led me to question my belief’

‘The purpose of life’

‘God has revealed himself to me within the textbooks’

‘Frustration with God’

‘God never left me, even when I thought I was totally alone’

‘Supernatural Confidence’

‘I was the blackest sinner’

‘I no longer need to fear’

‘I was slowly walking away from God’

‘The best news’

‘Convinced that the claims He made are true’

‘The idea of home will always be uncertain’

‘Picture of innocence’

‘Scared and confused’

‘I felt incredibly lonely’

‘Being socially introverted no longer seemed to matter’

‘It felt like everything around me was crumbling down’

‘I didn’t really want anything to do with God’

‘Discontent on the course I had come to uni expecting to love’

‘Why would God allow me to suffer?’



Lost. Found. Broken. Searching. Running. Ashamed. Hoping. Angry. Growing. Laughing. Confused. Hurting. Confident. LOVED.

We all have a story to tell, what's yours? Story Norwich is coming to UEA. We are giving you the opportunity to hear life stories from Christian students at UEA, alongside a week of events to hear talks about life, hear the story of the gospel and the way God has worked in peoples' lives. Come and enjoy some fantastic food, discover life changing stories written by students in Norwich, hear great live music, ask questions, make friends and discover the next chapter of your story at UEA from 5th-10th February 2017. For more information visit our events pages. Story Norwich is hosted by UEA Christian Union.

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